The Red Sun

The Red Sun

Today’s review has been made entirely possible by Netgalley. As I’m reading from a review copy of this book, please bear in mind that there may be some differences between it and the published novel.

The Red Sun is the debut novel of Alane Adams and is due for release at the beginning of August. It is a fantasy novel which tells the story of a young boy as he battles to rescue his friends from an evil witch. The novel is the first part of the Legends of Orkney series, although a release date for its sequel has not yet been announced.

Twelve year old Sam Baron has grown up believing that he is entirely ordinary. He has lived with his mother since his father abandoned them, goes to a perfectly normal school and likes nothing more than to hang out with his friends Howie and Keely. However, everything changes on the day that his English teacher fails to turn up to class.

Their substitute, Miss Endera, is very beautiful but there also seems to be something off about her. She claims that she got the job by turning their old teacher into a lizard and Sam gets the feeling that she’s not lying. Things get weirder still when a dwarf appears at his house, claiming that Sam is both a descendant of Odin and the son of a witch. As witches are supposed to be unable to have male children, Sam has suddenly become a person of interest for many different magical races.

In the struggle that follows Endera manages to escape back to the parallel world of Orkney, taking both Keely and Howie with her as hostages. Sam follows in the hope of saving them but soon finds himself in grave danger. Orkney is slowly dying, poisoned by the light of a red sun. Some people believe that Sam is the only one who can save them but an equal number think that the curse of the sun is somehow his doing and want him killed. Teaming up with a witch girl named Mavery, Sam realises he has to make a difficult choice. Does he rescue his friends or save the world?


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