The Last Changeling

The Last Changeling

The Last Changeling was written by Chelsea Pitcher and first published in 2014. It is a paranormal romance novel about a faerie princess who is forced to venture in the human world to save her people. The book forms the first part of The Last Changeling series and is followed by The Last Faerie Queen (2015).

Although Elora has grown up in the Dark Court, she longs for its destruction. She can see the strife that it has caused and watched as her mother, the Dark Queen, ruled her subjects by using fear and discord. Desperate to free her people, she approaches the Bright Queen for assistance as she knows that only her power can rival the Dark Queen. The Bright Queen agrees on one condition: Elora must first solve a riddle.

The puzzle leads Elora into the human world in search of a boy who is both the bane of darkness and perfect for light. To pass as a human, she uses a glamour to disguise herself as a recently killed runaway and takes the name Lora. She soon meets Taylor, a teenage boy with a tragic past of his own, and finds a place among his outcast group of friends as she tries to help them get revenge against a ruthless bully.

As her friendship with Taylor grows stronger, Elora finds herself incredibly confused. She has always been taught that humans are monsters but she can see that’s not the case. Yet if she allows herself to become too attached to Taylor, she knows that it will only invite danger. The Dark Court hunts for her and she knows that they would hurt the people she cares about if it would root her out…


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