The Clockwork Fairy Kingdom

The Clockwork Fairy Kingdom

The Clockwork Fairy Kingdom was written by Leah Cutter and first published in 2012 under its original title of Clockwork Kingdom. It is a fantasy story about twin teenagers discovering a kingdom of steampunk faeries. The novel forms the first part of The Clockwork Fairy Trilogy and is followed by The Maker, The Teacher and The Monster (2014). The final part of the series has yet to be announced.

Although they are siblings, Nora and Dale are very different. While Nora is artistic and able to make creative things from nothing, Dale takes a more orderly approach to his craft. He is naturally gifted when it comes to machines and is quickly able to understand and repair clockwork mechanisms, even when he has never seen them before. It is his ability that captures the attention of the faeries.

Hidden within the cliffs near their home, Queen Adele’s kingdom is falling to disrepair. Her husband had been trying to build a machine capable of crippling electronics so that the faeries could retake the surface world but, following his death, Adele found that no other faeries could complete the project. Now, rival royals are plotting to take her throne and her only hope is to find someone who can help her repair the device.

After Adele learns of Dale’s talents, she finds that he is very easy to enthral. His fascination with faerie’s intricate mechanisms leaves him susceptible to her binding spells and glamours. Slowly, the human world loses all interest to Dale as he gradually spends more time in the faerie kingdom. It is up to Nora to harness her latent magical powers to save him, before he is lost to Adele forever.


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