Star Sapphire and the Land of Gems 1-3

Star Sapphire and the Land of Gems

Star Sapphire and the Land of Gems is a trilogy by Anthony Pardoe. The books – The Ride of Doom, The Raging Torrent and The Crystal Cavern – were all published in 2015 and won the 2016 Purple Dragonfly Book Award. They focus on a ten year old girl who braves a subterranean kingdom of crystals in order to reunite a lost pebble with his friends. As none of the books in the series exceed 200 pages, I will be looking at all three of them in this review.

Star Sapphire has had a strained relationship with her mother ever since her father disappeared while exploring the jungle. While her father was fun to be around, her mother is determined to spoil her summer, forcing her to stay at home and do homework instead of playing at the beach. However, Star is drawn into an adventure when a small pebble in her garden starts to speak to her.

The sea pebble, who she names Jasper, has no legs and so has been stranded away from his friends ever since the sea receded thousands of years before. He begs for Star to carry him down to beach to be with them and, even though it means disobeying her mother, Star knows that she can’t refuse someone who needs her help.

On the way there, disaster strikes. Jasper rolls into an abandoned mine and when Star chases after him, the entrance collapses behind them. Using fluorescing rocks to guide their way, Star and Jasper venture deep into the mine to find a way out. Soon, they come across a kindly agate who informs them that their only hope lies with the Great Sapphire. They must journey to the Crystal Cavern and present their case to him to be allowed to leave. If he refuses them, they will be trapped in the Land of Gems forever…


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