Shifted: Episodes 1-4

Shifted 1-4The first “episode” of Shifted was written by Madeline Freeman and published in early 2014. It was developed as part of a writing challenge to compose a book within eight hours. This novella was swiftly followed by three short sequels, all of which are collected in the Shifted omnibus. Currently, six episodes have been made available on and the series is expected to run for a further six more. For the purpose this review, I will only be looking at the first four instalments of this series only.

Shifted follows the story of Leigh Evans, a teenage girl who is forced to confront the fact that the supernatural exists when she is attacked by a strange creature while walking in the forest. She soon comes to encounter Peter and Mollie Monroe, twenty-something year old twins who travel across America, fighting demons and banishing ghosts wherever they find them.

Following a traumatic experience that almost costs her life, Leigh finds that she is unable to return to her normal life and chooses to train to become a hunter herself. Under the watchful eye of Peter, as well as his Aunt Flo and Cousin Jason, she begins to learn everything that she needs to survive, from self-defence to how to fool witnesses into thinking that she’s a member of the FBI to gain their trust.

Yet, as Leigh becomes more involved in the hunters’ world, she soon finds herself in grave danger. A shape-shifter is out for revenge and seems to be specifically targeting hunters. How can Leigh and her new friends fight back against something when it can even take on the form of people that they love?


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