Raging Star

Raging Star

Please note that this review may contain spoilers for earlier novels in the series. You can read my reviews of these books [here] and [here].

Raging Star was written by Moira Young and published in 2014. The novel forms the final part of the dystopian Dust Lands Trilogy, continuing Saba’s mission to protect her family and liberate New Eden from the clutches of DeMalo and his Tontons. Raging Star is preceded by Blood Red Road (2011) and Rebel Heart (2012) and I would really advise reading them in sequence as they do not stand very well on their own.

It’s been a month since the attack on Resurrection and Saba’s life has never been more dangerous. She’s a rebel now – one of the Free Hawks reborn – and she’s made it her mission to defeat the Tontons through a series of systematic attacks around New Eden. However, when a bombing mission goes horribly wrong, she finds herself at DeMalo’s mercy once again.

This time, DeMalo’s demand is simple. If she consents to be his wife, he’ll ensure that all of her friends are safely exiled from New Eden. If she doesn’t, he’ll hunt them down and kill them all on the night of the Blood Moon. As this only leaves Saba with seven nights, she joins forces with Jack once again in a last-ditch attempt to spark rebellion within New Eden.

Yet there are added complications. Saba is exhausted and torn between her love for Jack and desire for DeMalo. When Nero goes missing, it also starts to become clear that there’s a traitor within the Free Hawks – one who would sooner make a deal with the Tonton than risk his life in a foolish rebellion. Saba can’t afford to fail but is it really possible to overthrow an entire regime in less than a week?


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