Red Rising

Red Rising

Red Rising was first published in 2014 and is Pierce Brown’s debut novel. It is a dystopian science fiction story focusing on a slave trying to incite revolution on Mars. The book forms the first part of The Red Rising Trilogy and is followed by Golden Son (2015) and Morning Star (2016).

In the far future, society is determined by Colours. The highest – the Golds – rule over society as near godlike figures while the lowly Reds live far beneath the surface of Mars where they mine the precious Helium-3 required for terraforming the surface. Their work is exhausting and dangerous but they know it’s for the greater good. When the surface is habitable, they have been promised a position of importance in the new world.

After a family tragedy, Darrow – a sixteen year old Red – comes to learn the truth. The Golds have been lying to them for generations. The surface of Mars has become their paradise and his people are viewed as expendable slave labour. Naturally disillusioned, he finds a place for himself within a terrorist cell called the Sons of Ares. Ares has a dangerous plan – a way to destroy the status quo from within – and Darrow is the perfect teenager to set it in motion.

Darrow undergoes months of painful reconstructive surgery to allow him to pass off as a Gold and takes on a new identity as the orphaned heir of a wealthy family. Using this, he gains a place at the Academy – the first step for Golds who wish achieve the highest rank, the Peerless Scarred. However, the Academy will be more dangerous than anything Darrow ever faced in the mines. The Golds are a ruthless race and aren’t above lying, cheating and murdering to win out over their fellows…


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