Max Blizzard and the Gem of Camelot

Max Blizzard and the Gem of Camelot

Max Blizzard and the Gem of Camelot was first published in 2014 and is Patrick Hatt’s first novel for younger readers. The novel follows the adventures of three children in a world formed from imagination. Although it reads as though it is the first instalment of a series, at the time of writing no further instalments have been announced.

On the day that he turns eight, Max suddenly releases that there is something deeply wrong with his world. Everyone dresses and acts the same and nobody has the imagination to question whether or not there is more to life. His perceived insanity leads him to be viewed as a troublemaker and he becomes the first person to ever be expelled from school.

As his friend, Trudesile, tries to help him to be accepted back, they suddenly find themselves attacked by horrible phantoms. They are rescued by a band of magical creatures and taken through a portal to Camelot. Max quickly learns that the phantoms are beings called sevesties and their master, Sir Dreadvent, is looking to use them to destroy every dimension in order for him to rebuild the universe to his own design. As Earth is now the only world left untouched, Camelot has become a sanctuary for all of the creatures that have fled as their own worlds ceased to exist.

Max and Trudesile quickly learn that they are both very gifted individuals as both of them are able to use their imagination to change the world. Max can use his to create anything that he can bring to mind, while Trudesile can give herself the attributes of any animal. Teaming up with Lester – a half-leprechaun – they use their powers to embark on a dangerous quest. Their goal is to find the Gem of Camelot – a magical stone that could be used to breathe life into King Arthur’s pet dragon. They know that they must hurry because if Camelot falls before they return, Sir Dreadvent will succeed in destroying the universe.


Spotlight – Max Blizzard and the Gem of Camelot

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Max Blizzard and the Gem of Camelot

Author:  Patrick Hatt

Genre:  Fantasy / Middle Grade

Page Count:  278

Release Date:  03 November 2014



Max Blizzard was like any other drone living in Earth’s realm until the arrival of his eighth birthday. On that day his imagination awoke and Max started thinking for himself. He was an outcast the moment he let people know about his imagination. That moment also unknowingly set forth a chain of events years in the making. By having imagination, Max had given Sir Dreadvent exactly what he wanted, a way into Camelot’s realm.

Now Max and his friends, Trudesile and Lester, must complete the quest that Max’s father, Merlin, set out for him years ago. They must find the Gem of Camelot to defend the realm from Sir Dreadvent’s and his sevesties. Their perilous journey will take them from the shores of Merlinia and the ship of Davy Jones to the fields of Avalon, in the hope that they can save Camelot, save Earth and save all the lost realms that have been consumed by Sir Dreadvent and his sevesties on their quest to remake the universe.

A tale about where your imagination can lead if you choose to follow it, with creatures large and small joining Max Blizzard on his journey. King Arthur, Oberon, Hercules, Apollo and other heroes of imagination believed to be myth will become truth as Max and his friends face the trials ahead. Let your imagination lead the way to Max Blizzard and The Gem of Camelot.


Author Bio:

Pat HattPatrick Hatt can be found in the East Coast of Canada. He hates writing these things but doesn’t mind talking in the third person. He dabbles in a little of this and a little of that, not afraid to attempt something new.

He is owned by two cats, one of whom has his own blog, It’s Rhyme Time. Yeah a rhyming cat, who knew? He would be considered a both person when it comes to cats and dogs.

He is also quite the movie and TV buff. As you can probably tell does not take himself seriously and has more stuff in his head than is needed. Thus the novels as just one more form of release. Thanks for the visit and enjoy!

You can find out more about Patrick at the following sites:


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