Omega Beginnings

Omega Beginnings

This is going to be another very short post but I feel the need to talk about the Omega Beginnings mini-series before my scheduled review of Omega next month.

Omega Beginnings is a series of eight short stories which were published monthly in the lead up to the release of Omega, the first novel in Lizzy Ford’s new young adult series. The title of each short reflects the name of the character that it focuses on – Alessandra, Mismatch, Phoibe, Lantos, Theodocia, Niko, Cleon and Herakles. The shorts are currently available individually on Amazon but an eBook collecting all of them is due for release later this month.

The mini-series takes place twelve years before the events of Omega and is set in a world where the Greek Gods have returned to dominate man. In light of this, Greece has become a major world superpower and humans are ruled by a Triumvirate formed by the Supreme Priest (representing the Gods), the Supreme Magistrate (representing humans) and the Greek Queen (a human born from the Bloodline favoured by the Gods). The Gods largely distance themselves from human affairs but are contactable by the Oracle of Delphi who forms a bridge between the two worlds.

The story centres on Alessandra – a six year old girl who possesses the power to make her toys come to life. When she accidentally awakens a grotesque at the Temple of Artemis, she suddenly finds herself in the middle of a complex web of political intrigue. Alessandra’s parents have kept her hidden for years because they know that she’s the next Oracle and could very well be the one destined to save mankind from the machinations of the Gods…


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