Hell is Coming

Hell is Coming

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Hell is Coming was written by N.P. Martin and first published in 2014. It’s an urban fantasy novel about a teenage girl who discovers that her parents were demon hunters. The story forms the first part of The Watchers series and is followed by Hell is Here (2015) and Hell and Back (2015). There are also two companion novellas – Bad Grace (2015) and Lucas (2015) – which expand on the backstories of the secondary characters.

Eighteen year old Leia Swanson has been in and out of foster care since the death of her parents. While most people believe that her mother was responsible for the gruesome deaths, only Leia knows the truth. She saw a pair of demons slaughter her father and drag her mother to Hell. Although she knows that no one believes her, she studies the occult in her free time to make sense of the demonic visions that still torment her.

As Leia begins to research her parents, her past suddenly catches up with her. Her foster mother is brutally slain and her brother Josh is kidnapped by a powerful demon. With no one left to turn to, Leia is forced to seek out Frank – the uncle that she never she knew she had. It is from him that she learns the truth. She is one of the Nephilim – a half-angel – and it is her duty to fight the forces of darkness.

As Leia trains with Frank, she learns that her brother wasn’t the only one taken. The demon has been targeting Nephilim children all over the world. Leia knows that it can’t be a coincidence – the monster must have plans for them. However, as she investigates further, she discovers that the demon responsible is one of the most feared of them all. Without the right weapon, she has no hope of defeating him. Trouble is that obtaining such a blade might cost more than she’s willing to pay…


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