Broken Sky


Broken Sky was written by L.A. Weatherly and first published in 2016. It focuses on a teenage girl striving to help keep the peace in a 1940s style dystopian America. The novel forms the first part of the The Broken Trilogy and is followed by Darkness Falls (2016). The final instalment of the series has yet to be announced.

Eighteen-year-old Amity Vancour is a peace-fighter for the Western Seaboard. It’s her job to take part in aerial dogfights against the peace-fighters of other nations in order to determine what legislations are passed for the good of all. That has been the way of things ever since mankind nearly wiped themselves out in a nuclear war. Now, conflict is a thing of the past. Sure, peace-fighters sometimes die, but they are just accidents. The era where people fought each other is long past.

However, Amity slowly begins to learn that peace is not assured. As a result of a fight that she loses, the Western Seaboard is forced to give up a third of their oil rights. The result is widespread inflation and loss of livelihoods, but Amity is convinced that she was not responsible. She’s sure that there was a malfunction with her plane, but her superiors quickly brush off her claims.

As Amity investigates further, she begins to uncover a network of lies and thrown fights. Everything leads back to the Central States – a dictatorship run by John Gunnison, a madman who trusts the stars to guide him – and Amity soon realises that the peace-fights have been fixed for a long time. However, her discovery may have come too late. The people of the Western Seaboard are growing increasingly amenable to Gunnison’s ideology and those that she loves are in very real danger…


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