The Night Parade

The Night Parade

The Night Parade was first published in 2016 and is Kathryn Tanquary’s debut novel. It’s a middle grade fantasy which draws its inspiration from Japanese mythology. The story stands alone quite nicely and at the time of writing there is no indication that it is intended to be part of a longer series.

Saki Yamamoto wants nothing more to spend her summer break hanging out with her friends in Tokyo. Unfortunately, her family have other plans. Bundling her and her brother Jun into the car, they set off to visit her Grandmother in the country. For Saki, there really is nothing worse. Her Grandmother’s village doesn’t even have proper cell phone reception. Yet this is the least of Saki’s problems. Her Grandmother is also very traditional and while they’re staying with her, they will be expected to take part in the Obon Festival.

Saki has no time at all for silly traditions and cuts corners wherever possible. Keeping on top of the Tokyo gossip and impressing the local popular kids are far more important to her than honouring her dead relatives. However, when the other children dare Saki to disrespect her family shrine, things go horribly wrong. A death curse is unleashed at latches on to Saki, sentencing her to die by the end of the festival.

However, all hope is not lost. Over the nights that follow, Saki is visited by three spirits. Their goal is to help her navigate the ethereal Night Parade and seek an audience with the Midlight Prince – the only one who can lift the curse. Many challenges await Saki at the spirit festival but she can’t afford to fail. Her very life depends on it.


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