Although I had never heard of Sherrilyn Kenyon prior to being recommended this novel, a bit of research has shown me that she a well-regarded, bestselling author. She is best known for writing the Dark Hunter series – an adult fantasy series which spans twenty-five novels – as well as many more books set around the same universe. The Chronicles of Nick is one of her more recent serials, a prequel/spin-off series aimed at young adult readers that focuses on the youth of one of her reoccurring characters. The Chronicles of Nick currently spans five novels – Infinity (2010), Invincible (2011), Infamous (2012), Inferno (2013) and Illusion (2014) – with a sixth planned for release in 2015. For the purpose of this review, I’ll be looking at Infinity only.

Fourteen year old Nick Gautier has not had the happiest of upbringings. Although charming, intelligent and quick-witted, he has been raised in poverty by a single mother due to the fact that his father is a convicted killer. At school, he is frequently in trouble as he is constantly bullied by rich kids who make fun of his shabby clothes and his mother’s job as an exotic dancer. However, his life is forever changed one night when some of his supposed friends turn on him and leave him close to death.

Nick is rescued by a wealthy business man called Kyrian Hunter and offered a part time job working for him in order to pay off his medical bills. Although Nick is at first reluctant, when he learns just how much Kyrian is willing to pay him he jumps at the chance. However, it is at this time that weird stuff begins to happen at his school. Members of the football team have begun to turn into living zombies, savagely attacking anyone that stands in their way.

Even more surprising for Nick is that he is the only person to find this weird. Slowly, he begins to realise that everyone he knows seems to be hiding something from him. He soon learns that vampires, demons and other creatures of the night really do stalk the streets of New Orleans. To make things even stranger, it seems as though he is one of them. Within him lurks an unimaginable power and all manner of creatures now hunt for him, desperate to harness his strength and use it to their own ends.


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