Hello Mum

Hello Mum

Hello Mum was written by Bernardine Evaristo and first published in 2010. It is young adult contemporary novella which focuses on the life of a teenage boy living on a London council estate. The story was published as part of Penguin’s Quick Reads series and is a stand-alone story, so you don’t have to read any of Evaristo’s earlier works to fully appreciate it.

Fourteen year old Jerome (JJ) has not had an easy life. He lives in a tiny flat and has a really strained relationship with his mother. JJ knows that it’s not her fault but she just doesn’t understand what life on the streets is like. A teen like him as no future prospects. He isn’t going to do well in school or get a top job. His only chance to survive in a world where kids are beaten up for living in the wrong street is to join a gang.

In his area code that gang is the Kamikaze Kru, arch rivals of the notorious B-Block Boys. JJ is proud to have caught the attention of the Kamikaze Kru’s leader, Delmar – one of the few guys in his school who are genuinely respected – and hopes to one day become like him. However, it’s not long before JJ learns that being part of a gang is not as glamorous as he thought.

Hello Mum is a letter from JJ to his Mum, apologising for what has come to pass and explaining the events that led up to his ultimate fate.


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