Graham’s Charlotte

Graham's Charlotte

This review is going to be a little different from the previous ones that I have posted on this site.  Graham’s Charlotte is the first solo novel by Drew Farnsworth and is due for release on 17 April 2014. As it is not yet available for purchase, I am writing this entry based on an advanced reader copy and, because of this, I am aware that what I have read may not be indicative of the quality of the final product. Please bear that in mind as you continue with this review.

While on a trip to Costa Rica, Madison Riley is suddenly approached by a stranger who seems to know a worrying amount about her life. He claims that in two weeks’ time she will break into the headquarters of National Security Agency in order to delete a file. The stranger, calling himself Graham, claims that if she does not she will be putting her mother’s life in danger.

Madison is not inclined to believe him, but he gives her a mobile phone which he claims has the ability to predict future events. This proves to be true moments later when an earthquake rocks the airport and the phone helps Madison to escape death and rescue her trapped friends. Graham leaves her, warning her to never show the phone to anyone. There are dangerous people who would kill her in order to possess such advanced technology.

Now more inclined to trust Graham, Madison returns home and begins to experiment with the phone. It proves to be able to do virtually anything, giving accurate answers to any question that she asks of it. However, when she questions it about how she is going to break into the NSA, all it does is provide her with a complex explanation that seems near impossible for her to achieve. Yet she knows that failure is not an option, not when her mother’s life is in danger.


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