Days of Magic, Nights of War

Days of Magic, Nights of War

Please note that this review may contain spoilers for its prequel, Abarat. You can read my review of this novel [here].

Days of Magic, Nights of War was written by Clive Barker and first published in 2004. It forms the second instalment of the Abarat Quintet and is preceded by Abarat (2002) and followed by Absolute Midnight (2011). A release dates for the final two books of the series – provisionally titled Kry Rising and The Eternal – have yet to be announced.

The story picks up a couple of weeks after the first story ends, as Candy and Malingo have been spending their time touring the fantastical islands of the Abarat archipelago. They are pursued all the while by Otto Houlihan the Criss-Cross Man – a bounty hunter under the employ of Christopher Carrion. Although he comes close to catching them on several occasions, they always manage to escape through a mixture of luck and quick thinking.

Candy still cannot understand why the Lord of Midnight has such an interest in an ordinary girl from Minnesota but has begun to notice some strange changes within herself. Although she has never been to Abarat before, the islands are starting to seem familiar to her. On top of this, she finds that she has a natural aptitude for magic – the words springing easily into her mind even though she has not ever heard them spoken before.

Her abilities have attracted the attention of Mater Motley – Carrion’s evil grandmother – who insists that the girl must be eliminated. Candy’s power poses a threat to her plans and, now that Carrion has finally retrieved the key to the Pyramids of Xuxux, she needs to ensure that no one is around to stop her. The final battle is about to begin and, so long as nobody stands in their way, Mater Motley knows that they have to power to cause absolute midnight to descend over Abarat…


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