Day of the Predator

Day of the Predator

Please note that this review may contain spoilers for its prequel, TimeRiders. You can read my review of this novel [here].

Day of the Predator was written by Alex Scarrow and first published in 2010. It forms the second part of the TimeRiders series, preceded by TimeRiders (2010) and followed by The Doomsday Code (2011), The Eternal War (2011), Gates of Rome (2012), City of Shadows (2012), The Pirate Kings (2013), The Mayan Prophecy (2013) and The Infinity Cage (2014). The series follows the adventures of three youths as they use time travel to prevent bad guys from altering past events.

When the TimeRiders receive a broken message from the future, they know that they need to investigate. Someone from the year 2050 has been sent back in time to 2015. His goal is to assassinate the teenage Edward Chan, who will grow up to write a thesis on time travel theory. The TimeRiders know that they need to save Chan as if he dies, the first time machine would never have been built.

Liam and Becks, his new support unit, travel to 2015 to figure out the identity of the assassin is while posing a students on a school trip with Chan. However, things soon go horribly wrong. In trying to send Liam a message, Maddy accidentally opens up a time window which engulfs Liam and Becks, as well as the entire school group. The time window leaves them stranded in the Cretaceous Period, utterly cut off from anyone who could rescue them.

Liam knows that he needs to find a way to contact Maddy and Sal in the future but how can he when every tiny things he does could have a massive impact on the timeline? To make matters worse, he soon finds himself be stalked by an undiscovered species of predator – one that is highly intelligent and is slowly learning through observing Liam’s every move…


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