Maggie Elizabeth Harrington

Maggie Elizabeth Harrington

Maggie Elizabeth Harrington was written by D.J. Swykert and first published in 2013. In is a coming of age story set in an American mining town in the 1800s. The focus of the story is the title character – a thirteen year old girl from a poor family – as she experiences her first love. The novel also has a sequel – Alpha Wolves (2013) – which follows Maggie into young adulthood.

Maggie Elizabeth has never had an easy life. Her mother died while giving birth to her and she now lives with a father who never speaks to her and a very stern grandmother. Preferring her dreams to real life, Maggie has grown very adept at retreating into her own world in order to escape the grim reality of her life.

When a bounty hunter kills a she-wolf on the outskirts of town, Maggie and her two friends – Tommie and Annie – decide to rear her orphaned pups until they can survive from themselves. This mission gives Maggie’s life a new purpose. She has never really understood why people slaughter animals for no reason when the Bible teaches them never to kill and now is her chance to save the lives of four beautiful creatures.

As they care for the wolves, Maggie grows closer to Tommie and decides that she wants to spend her life with him. When disaster strikes and the wolves are discovered, the two of them head off into the wilderness to ensure that the creatures are not destroyed. They know that they have to keep ahead of the search party at their heels at all times because if they are caught, the wolves will be killed and they will never be allowed to be together.


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