Cut Here

Cut Here

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Cut Here was first published in 2015 and is the debut novel of Azzurra Nox. It is a paranormal horror story with romance elements set in a school which has been rocked by a series of horrifying suicides. The novel forms the first part of The Cut Series, though at the time of writing no further instalments have been announced.

Lena is not pleased that her father has accepted a new job in Los Angeles. She has struggled with depression since her mother’s death and, although she knows that it is a way to put her time in psychiatric care behind her, she just does not feel ready to start a new life in a new country. However, although she instantly runs afoul of the most popular girls, she quickly strikes up a friendship with Jon and Amelia and settles into everyday life.

Yet peace does not last long. A girl who everyone believed to be well-adjusted unexpectedly ends her life, throwing herself from the school bell tower in full view of everyone. What seems like a tragic, isolated incident quickly becomes something more sinister as more and more students also die in seemingly self-inflicted ways. The only connecting thread is that all of them have recently read a popular horror novel titled Cut Here.

Lena begins to believe that something sinister is at the root of the deaths as she finds enormous black feathers around the school and hears huge wings beating in the dark. At the same time, Michael comes into her life, handsome and passionate yet harbouring a terrible secret. Teaming up with Jon and Hope – an outsider interested in the occult – Lena struggles to find out the truth of what is happening to her friends before anyone else loses their life.

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