Sinister was first published in 2014 and is Colleen Fleshman’s debut young adult novel. It is an urban fantasy story based around the myth that left-handed people are servants of the devil. The novel forms the first part of the Sinisters series, but at the time of writing no further instalments have been announced.

It is on his sixteenth birthday that Matt Reynolds first sees something that isn’t there. Alien creatures flitter in the corners of his vision, interacting with the world around them but seeming to be invisible to the eyes of his friends. Although Matt is concerned that he is losing his mind, he finds out that this is not the case when he encounters Luke, a strange man who can seemingly also see the creatures.

Luke reveals to Matt that he is actually one of a tiny number of left-handed people who are able to fully utilise both sides of their brain. This mental strength gives them incredible powers and he will teach Matt how to use them if he joins him. Luke is actually Lucifer and for centuries he has recruited gifted left-handed people to become his Sinisters – agents responsible for maintaining the balance between good and evil.

Naturally, Matt is a bit unsure about this. While he wants to learn more about his powers, he’s fairly sure that trusting the Devil is a bad idea. Luke wants Matt’s help to uncover the plan of a shady business man named Peter Caracalla and put a stop to it but if Caracalla is the Devil’s enemy, wouldn’t that make him one of the good guys? However, as people begin to die mysteriously in his home town, Matt knows that something strange is going on and it’s up to him to use his new powers to put a stop it.


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