Alex Finch: Monster Hunter

Alex Finch Monster Hunter

Alex Finch: Monster Hunter was written by Cate Dean and first published in 2013. It is an urban fantasy story which focuses on a teenage geek whose life is turned upside down when she learns that monsters are real. The story forms the first part of The Monster Files series and is followed by Truth and Consequences (2014), Welcome to The Haven (2014) and A Monster Files Wedding (2015).

Alex Finch is used to being a loner. She’s always been a tomboy and would rather spend her free time playing around with her computer than hanging around with the other girls in her class. When her English teacher pairs her up with Misty Corwin – perky head cheerleader, Alex knows that it will end badly. What she doesn’t expect is for Misty to leave all of their notes at a bus stop.

Alex and Misty head off to retrieve the notes but the unthinkable happens. They are attacked by a savage werewolf. They are rescued by Sam, the handsome heir of the town’s founding family. Alex has had a crush on him for years but he’s never shown any interest in her before. Not before he saw her bravely trying to protect Misty from the monster.

In an instant, Alex’s world is turned upside down. Now she’s aware that there are mythical beasts stalking around her hometown and Sam’s family are in some way involved in controlling them. When more people are attacked and children start to disappear, Sam suspects that the werewolf may be to blame. However as Alex researches into the town’s past, she soon comes to realise that there are worse monsters lurking beneath its streets…


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