Blood Red Road


Blood Red Road is the first part of the Dustlands Trilogy. It was written by Moira Young and first published in 2011. It also won the Children’s Book Award in the Costa Book Awards that same year. Its sequel, Rebel Heart, is also currently available in paperback while the third part of the trilogy, titled Raging Star, is due for release later this year.

The story is told as a first person narrative from the perspective of a teenage girl named Saba. Saba has grown up in isolation, living her entire life on a small ranch with only her father, twin brother (Lugh) and younger sister (Emmi) for company. Their father is reluctant to allow them to leave the area, claiming that the outside world is a dangerous place.

Saba’s life is quickly thrown into chaos as a band of outlaws attack their homestead during a sandstorm. In the fray, Lugh is kidnapped and her father is murdered. Unable to comprehend the idea of life without her brother, Saba leaves the homestead for the first time as she sets out to rescue him.

Her quest is immediately complicated by the addition of Emmi. Unable to leave her sister to fend for herself, Saba is forced to bring the girl with her – pushing their already strained relationship to its limits. It quickly becomes apparent that this problem is only one of many that she must face as the world beyond the ranch is filled with endless rolling deserts, slavers, drug addicts and deadly beasts. Driven by her desperation to be reunited with Lugh, Saba is forced to brave all of these as she seeks to find out why he was stolen from her.


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