Cold Iron

Cold Iron

Cold Iron was written by Anne Higa and first published in 2014. It’s a fantasy story about a teenage girl who discovers that she’s actually an immortal elf. The novel forms the first part of the Elves and Magic series, though at the time of writing no further installments have been announced.

Lexis has always lived a rather sheltered life. As a young teen with two wealthy mothers, she’s never wanted for anything and her biggest concern is whether or not she gets into a good private school. However, everything changes after her fourteenth birthday party. Her birth mother, Ambrosia, takes her aside and explains the truth of her heritage. Her mother’s aren’t lovers, but sisters. Stranger still, they are both elves who chose to raise their daughter on Earth.

Naturally, that means that Lexis is also an elf and, before long, she finds that her body starts to change. She’s also whisked off to the land of Fairy to meet with her father, Melanon, and the twin brother that she never knew she had. Now that she’s come of age, her parents want her to spend time in Fairy before she can make up her mind about what realm she wants to live in forever.

At first, the choice seems simple. While Lexis immediately clicks with her brother Finn, her entire life is still waiting for her back on Earth. However, there are also dangers to be considered. While in Fairy, Lexis will be safe and immortal. If she chooses to live on Earth, there will be no one to protect her from the Unseleighe – dark fae – who will stop at nothing to torture and kill her…


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