A Flash of Blue


As YA Shot took place yesterday, I thought I’d look at a novel by a UKYA author to celebrate. A Flash of Blue was written by Maria Farrer and first published in 2015. It’s a stand-alone contemporary fiction story, focusing on a teenage girl who’s struggling to come to terms with her brother’s death.

Amber Neville made a huge mistake. Angry at her older brother, Liam, she stole his lucky stone. She kept it safe, planning on returning it to him later, but never got the chance. Unbeknown to anyone, Liam suffered from an undiagnosed heart condition and suffered a fatal heart attack later that day. Amber was left shattered by this. She’s certain that if only her brother had left the house with his charm, he would have survived. His death is entirely her fault.

Over the year that followed, Amber’s family completely broke down. Her mother turned to drink and her father began to have a very unsubtle affair, spending more and more time away from the house. Amber is left feeling as though she can do nothing right. She is nowhere near as smart or athletic as Liam and everything she does seems to cause her family embarrassment. On the anniversary of Liam’s death, her grandmother convinces her to go out and enjoy herself at a friend’s party. It’s here that she meets Tyler.

Tyler used to be Liam’s best friend, and misses him as much as she does. The two bond over their shared memories of him and Amber starts to see more and more of Tyler. Yet her father warns her that Tyler is a bad person and Amber soon starts to see the truth in this. When she starts to hang out with Tyler’s friends, she realises that they are all particularly rough. Soon, she finds herself in big trouble, but how can she put her life back on track when everything around her is starting to come falling down?


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