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As a reviewer with over two years of blogging experience, I’ve read a lot of novels. Some of them were great, some of them were terrible, but many were just simply forgettable. They were like unpolished diamonds; potentially beautiful but their luster lost beneath layers of typographical errors, poor formatting, and undeveloped characters. No matter how talented an author is, they will always need an editor to bring out their novel’s shine.

My name is Kim Dyer and I am happy to be able to offer up my services as an editor. I have had four years of experience as a freelance writer and two years as a critical reviewer of young adult novels. I also hold a masters degree in English Literature and Philosophy. As I know that money is precious to independent authors, I am happy to offer a selection of editorial packages at very competitive prices.

Services include:

Proofreading: A light edit to capture cosmetic errors prior to publication. This is the most basic form of editing and I will only be looking for typographical and formatting errors.

Copy Editing: A heavier edit to make writing flow better. On top of looking for typographical errors, I’ll also be checking facts, looking at the way the narrative flows and suggesting structural amendments.

Content Editing: A comprehensive edit that looks at all aspects of the story, including plotting and characterisation. I will look at the project in depth and suggest amendments to strengthen the story and resolve any weaknesses and plot holes.

While I am happy to discuss prices and requirements on a project by project basis, here are some examples of what I can offer you. All prices are in GBP:

Short-Stories / Non-Fiction (up to 25,000 words)

Proof-reading: £2 per 1,000 words

Copy editing: £3 per 1,000 words

Content editing: £5 per 1,000 words

Novellas / Novels (25,000 to 60,000 words)

Proof-reading: £70

Copy editing: £125

Content editing: £200

Novels (over 60,000 words)

Proof reading: £70 + £2 per additional 1,000 words

Copy editing: £125 + £3 per additional 1,000 words

Content editing: £200 + £5 per additional 1,000 words

Sound good? If you want to discuss your requirements further I can be contacted at kimdyer58@gmail.com

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